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Thread: json memory error message

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    json memory error message

    Last night I got an error when Tabletop tried to autosave, "json save error: Out of Memory".

    I verified the cache and still cannot save. A friend saved the table and was able to load the game with no issues.

    Please let me know of any additional information you might need.



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    Can you post or PM me your DxDiag? If you PM it to me, please post a link to this thread as well.

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    I had the same problem as well as the one I posted, I just thought I'd ask one at a time. It seems all the problems I've had involve .json files :/

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    Not sure what game you're playing, but I used to host a popular BlackJack table. In that, people saved their progress, collectibles, cash, etc in a bag. Dealers would then put that bag into another bag then save the whole table, sometimes the bag too as a backup. The issue this causes is the save file for the table itself (also a .json file) then is bloated with every bit of data in every bit of those bags and more which then makes the .json file take up that much more memory!
    Our solution was to save each bag individually and load them each as needed by pulling them from the save. This cut out memory use a huge deal. Like, an obscene amount. Doing this made hosting for even 12+ hours very viable and never an issue.
    What I'd take from this, depending on your game, is find where you have bags (or bag objects) filled with stuff. If they have a lot, you need to reduce it and/or save it locally. Since TTS isn't 64-bit (Yet) it can really only support about 4Gb of memory at a time from what I've noticed :<

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