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Thread: Are you looking for another guy?

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    Are you looking for another guy?

    I've been interested in playing board games on the computer for a while but never had anyone to play it with since no one I know has pc's but anyway, it would be cool to join in with a few people already playing and just have a laugh.

    The kind of game doesn't bother me, I've always wanted to try D&D but bare with me on that since I've never touched it before haha.

    So yeah, let me know if you're looking for another person.

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    You might try joining The Red Dice community. I've just joined them myself this past month or so and it's a great place to find people to play games with, they have both a calendar of pre-planned games/events (that you can schedule your own on if you like) as well as a chat channel for more spur of the moment play.

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    Thanks I'll check it out.

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    Red Dice community has been doing the rounds these days and you will surely find people to play games with.

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