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Thread: Language settings for mods inside of Steam Workshop

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    Post Language settings for mods inside of Steam Workshop

    There's a lot of mods out there that have non-english language. That's good, but it would be useful for everyone if you could specify a mod's language when you upload it. That way you could do searches for a game with the language that you want. I think that all currently released mods should be set to english by default (since most mods are in english), and users could upload an update with their old mods that specify the language. That would be better than an "unspecified" language where EVERY mod would then have to update.

    Another setting that should be added is a mod's "language dependence". In other words how much the player must know the language that's on the cards/boards to play the mod. Should range from "Not dependent on language" (like games that only use symbols) to "Extremely dependent on language" (like TCGs where every card's text are what makes the whole game and you can't possibly know every card of the top of your head)

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    I like both of those idea's.

    What with an impending UI update, now would definitely be the time to see more stuff like this suggested and hopefully implemented

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