With the current and planned UI changes I would love to see a language setting that enables players who do not speak English so well to still participate in international games.

I suggest:
- add a language setting for the game. I do not think there are too many texts in the game itself that need translating. You could use a platform like Zanata to have the community do the translations. With the TTS community this would work very well I think.
- each object still has the normal name and description but in addition it should be possible to enter alternative texts for each supported language. These texts will be displayed to players with a language setting other than English instead of the default text.
- language based textures: like with the texts there should be a default texture and alternative textures for other languages. If a player has selected an alternative language this client will load the texture for this language instead of the default one.

This could be integrated in the object's context menu as a new option to define all language related settings of the object. For me it would be fine if you could only define these settings in the JSON file, too.

I made a Settlers of Catan mod that I would love to translate. I have a friend who speaks english well enough to interact with an international group of players but not well enough to understand what the Cities & Knights progress cards do exactly. With the suggested language feature I could translate the text on the cards and it would display the texture with the German text to my friend and the English texture to everyone else.