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    Hello I just would like to say that the Cosmic Encounter Expansions (not the base game) lack a coded name on each of the alien cards. This makes using the search function to search the alien deck(s) for specific aliens (which can become necessary to do, OFTEN in said cases [chrysalis flare]) very difficult and time-consuming! Currently they show up as numbers. Please fix this! I noticed another post on this that has not been solved. I would like to point out in making this new post that this game is not dead, and an effort to fix this issue, however small it seems, WILL be appreciated!

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    Hey GustavoNuncho, Welcome to the community

    Until this is looked at, why not just name the cards yourself and make a Save of the Table ?

    Then every time there after you'll have a version available with a named deck in it.

    You could even upload it to the workshop for others to use as well

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