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Thread: .json Error: Out of Memory

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    .json Error: Out of Memory

    Complex mod with many components + heavy scripting.

    .json save file ~12.2 MB. with around 290k lines

    When I save/load it now, it returns error:

    "Save .json error: Out of memory"

    Have I finally reached a hard cap in save file size?
    is it a scripting size issue? a current memory issue? a converting to .json memory cap? component limit?

    I'll be trimming things to get within the limit, but could use some understanding of what the actual memory error is in regards to.

    update: removed duped backup copies of components (large stash in bags), dropped file size around ~6mb and error disappeared.

    At this point, just still curious what the limitations are here.

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    Sounds like you are breaking our Json parser with such a large object lol.

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    can that be an achievement?

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