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    Question Naming random zones

    When you launch a mod with a random zone it asks "Randomize all objects in the zone?" in the middle of the screen. It's a bit weird because the popup usually blocks the board and at this point we don't know what said randomize zone does, so we don't KNOW if we want the zone to randomize or not yet since we haven't seen the mod yet ! It's a chicken and egg problem.

    I suggest letting players naming their randomized zones. That way the popup could read "Randomize all objects in the 'zonename' zone?", which could give you a clue as to whether you want to randomize it or not.

    There is an argument to be made for why do we need to even ask at all? If the mod comes with a randomizer zone then it probably means you want that content always randomized. For a save where the state of a bag or deck matters TTS should recognize if a save is loaded vs a mod. Another solution might be having 2 types of randomize zones: 1 "auto-random" zone that just always randomizes when you launch the mod, and 1 normal randomize zone that works like the current one.

    Whatever the solution you're going for, there is an improvement to be made here.

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    I would say that not always randomizing is very important. Maybe not as much from the player end, but on the creator end. While testing, having the zones randomize prior to me being able to disable them would cause me a lot of headache. For example, with Sheriff of Nottingham, I keep the decks in order so it is easy to pull out/add/remove cards for testing. If they were shuffled, I'd never get them back in a decent order without a lot of headache.

    As a possible scripting solution, it would be possible to create a scripting zone and have items shuffled/moved/randomized that way. It might take some customization depending on what you intend to customize, but its just a thought.

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    The other reason why we ask to randomize is so that if you save game and wish to continue your in progress game isn't automatically shuffled.

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    Those are good points regarding the need to ask for randomizing. I still think they should be nameable.

    Also, MrStump, when you're creating a mod, wouldn't you just not have the randomized zones and just add them when you're publishing the mod? Plus, there's lots of cases where you could just not have that randomized zone and just let the player randomize them themselves. It's real quick to do since it's just hover+R.

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    Many mods are changed after release. Fixes to the code, corrections, etc.

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