A number of popups appear in the middle of the screen but it's pretty much always annoying that they do. The new Games screen makes sense since it takes up most of the screen but a lot of other UI windows are smaller so they could appear on the right, where the chest is. The problem here is that they block the view of what we're trying to see, which is really annoying. Having them pop up on the right would solve that problem, but make them appear slightly left of the chest so we can still see some part of either the chest or them at any time.

Another solution would be to save the location of each pop-up window so that the next time they appear they are in the same spot. The saved windows would be nice but might not always be great because sometimes you move a window someplace else coz you can't see what's underneath, not because you want it to always appear there.

This problem stems from the fact that in general, when either playing or laying out mods, you zoom the camera to exactly where you want it so it's not too close that you don't see everything on the table or too far to make out the details. But then a UI window appears and all of a sudden you need to move the camera or move the window away from what you're trying to see. This is a problem inherent to a floating windows design. Therefor what would be really needed is for the view to make space for the UI off to the side. If all the windows appeared on the right, you could make the camera automatically zoom out a bit when you bring out a popup window. When that window is closed, you zoom it back in to where the camera was before. That's a solution that effectively nullifies the problem of floating windows without having to rework the entire layout of the UI.