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Thread: Anti-lag prediction

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    Anti-lag prediction

    I would love to see some sort of "lag compensation", which would make games with any sort of ping much more playable. Right now, the clients have a very poor experience, even with just 200-250ms lag (voice comm using an external program is OK). Even with 35ms it's quite annoying.

    The simplest thing to do is to immediately show the movement and rotation of any picked up objects without waiting for the server. This is similar to what other games do. Of course the server always has the last word. This would work even without predicting physics interactions (if you collide with some other object, the collision would be lagged - this is fine).

    What I'm asking for is immediate feedback for positioning and rotation, because right now you have to move, wait, rotate, wait, and then drop, and it feels quite bad. Next on the list is predicting pick-ups, but that might be more difficult I imagine since the server has to tell you what you have picked up if it's in a bag or a card stack (or maybe not?)

    Does this sound even remotely possible?

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    Not sure if this is possible in Unity. I would support a solution, though, since I agree it is very annoying.

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