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Thread: Distinguish left and right click on a button

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    Distinguish left and right click on a button

    It would be very helpful to pass an indicator the button function to tell if it was a left or a right click. Currently they are treated the same.

    This would allow us to
    a) ignore right clicks (player probably wanted to open the context menu of the parent object)
    b) treat a right click differently, e.g. left click = cycle through settings forward, right click = cycle through settings backward

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    Seconded! This is at least a partial work around for my scripting. The existing right-click menus are nice and functional as far as they go, but "one size fits all" wastes a very useful option my scripting toolbox.

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    +1, would like, but isn't this a cross-platform issue?

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    Wait a second.. you can right click buttons?

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    Giving this one a gentle bump

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    Added: V10.5

    Button callbacks now have a third parameter which will be set to true if the button was right-clicked or long-pressed.

    More information:

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    Many thanks, developers!

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