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Thread: Player Interaction Suggestion

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    Player Interaction Suggestion

    After playing Tabletop Simulator for many hours, with multiple individuals I have found most of the default options available to be very user friendly.
    I do find that one simple factor is missing from the general options list. Ownership of items. I am not speaking digital ownership over intellectual property, but in game ownership for players.

    I suggest implementing a integer (or hex) based tracker per item on board in order to allocate items to certain players.
    So that when a GM runs a game (even something simple as Clue) they can disallow other players the ability to move a piece belonging to another player such as a character token, or a dice.
    Implementation would be simple and backwards compatible, as default would be set to all users as it is now.

    With an integer value option, the base game would use a selection (much like the original color select) to assign a default player to an object. So if you want the player seated at the pink player location to use an item you would select the pink box on it. Purple for purple, green for green, and so forth. Now if you would want Any play to be able to interact with it, you would select Grey (the spectator color), and Black for GM only. So with using an Int value you would only have to program in up to 10 possible number values. 0 being Grey (Which would be default that all items are at now), Black being 9 (GM only), and 1 -8 being the different colored seats across the board.
    Additional numbers could be used to utilize the "teams" option if wanted.

    If using a hex system (off base 2) you could instead select an array of players that you want to be able to move a piece, of course max value then would be Grey or All players, Min Value would be GM only.

    This added update would create a image of player control while restricting others from changing items or moving pieces on someone that has to AFK to do things such as attend to their child, use the bathroom, check on dinner, or even kiss the spouse goodnight.

    I would ask that you seriously consider this update. I understand that the code could be done with custom scripting and it could be produced onto workshops without issue. I also know there are many users that often can not code, and do not trust workshop items. If anyone would consider this as a valuable addition to an already amazing application, please do not hesitate to post.

    Thank you Berserk Game for creating a forum to listen to your customers, and to the Berserk employees that take the time to read, review, and consider the suggestions on the forums.

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    As this is also a prerequisite for a working Field of view System, I support it.

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    You could actually do this with Scripting. If you really want to try this, something like this might work:

    colourOwner = "White"
    function onPickUp(col)
        if col ~= colourOwner then
            startLuaCoroutine(self, "waitABit")
    function waitABit()
        while self.held_by_color ~= nil do
        return 1
    Paste this in each object you want to protect. Edit the "colourOwner" variable to the owner of the object (the name of their colour).

    EDIT: onPickedUp() has been deprecated. I've changed the code to use onPickUp() instead.
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    I'll admit I have been too lazy / busy to do any coding myself. So I will say I appreciate the Copiable temp fix Mark. Thank you
    I would still like to see a possible permanent option for individuals that may not be able to implement it without assistance.
    So I am still crossing my fingers.
    But again, thank you Mark.

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