When playing single player jigsaw and attempting to load local files, only about 67% of my pictures are being shown in tabletop simulator's directory. I've checked the formats (both png and jpeg seem to work just fine), I've checked the file sizes (over 1mb? no problems loading), I've tried renaming several pictures to see if they would show up (to no avail). Can anyone tell me why When I check my files through tabletop simulator's file browser, So many files are missing? Ive even tried re-downloading the pictures and overwriting the old ones on my computer (I though maybe they were corrupted, but nope they open in my photo viewer just fine.) Also, its not a problem with the dimensions either... If you try to load a panoramic picture it just distorts it into a square shape (any panoramic puzzle support in the future?). Anyway... I think I've tried everything, any suggestions?