We welcome all feedback and suggestions to make TTS better!

That being said, there are a few guidelines in posting:

1. Only make ONE suggestions per thread. This makes it easier for us to sort through the threads and mark them as completed if we can implement it. If a thread has more than one suggestion, then it will be deleted.

2. Be clear and descriptive. Give as much detail as possible with even cute little mockups if possible so we can understand what you think would be a great addition.

3. Search the forums first to make sure your suggestion wasn't already posted. Sometimes people are excited with a new idea and think they are the first, but that's not always the case. Check to see if your suggestion was already posted and if so, then just reply to that thread to offer your support. Threads with more posts in it, get our attention faster. If you make another thread that has already been posted, then your thread will either get deleted or merged with the other one.


Unfortunately we can't add everything as there is a lot to think about and we aren't catering to a specific group - we make things so they can be used universally for just about anything. Here are some specific things we will no longer be adding to TTS, so please do not suggest them as they will be deleted.

Tables - You are able to add customized tables at any time and it's now easier since we added the "None" table option, so you don't have to worry about placing a custom table over an existing one. You can also use this to set basic flat planes as a surface and not have to worry about a table at all.

Other Objects - While we supply a good amount of generic items, it's highly unlikely we will add any more objects - like bags, blocks, dice, etc. There are thousands of mods on the Workshop and your fellow community members have done a great job creating all kinds of objects for you.