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Thread: Manual & non-manual deletion of tiles having different effects

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    Exclamation Trouble with "Phantom Holding" an object

    See below.
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    Trouble with "Phantom Holding" an object

    This is the general steps of how to reproduce:

    • While you are holding an object, lock it with a script (you can use this script to test).

    function onPickUp()
    Bug produced: Highlighting becomes stuck on the object.

    • Move your mouse around, do whatever. Attempt to de-select the object.
    • Press the Delete key on your keyboard, or try and delete another item in it's contextual menu.

    Bug produced: The "Phantom Held" object will be removed.

    Expected outcome: The object stops being held by the player and they are able to delete other objects without affecting this object.

    Colour tinting, naming or doing anything else with another object will have no effect on the object being phantom held. It only seems to be tied with removing an object.
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    This is a serious issue that needs to be fixed to limit what players can touch, devs please look at this.

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