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Thread: All Promoted Player Suggestions (Merged)

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    More permissions for promoted players

    Please add an option for promoted players to access more features.

    Copy GUID from objects
    Use of gizmo tool
    Access to scripting zones


    I am creating a table with a friend, and I would really like him to be able to help with scripting.

    Some of my items are scripted using GUID in the description so I really want him to be able to see different object guids


    Maybe keep the current promoted system. And add in an admin rank along side to access all of the features.

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    Mod creating/Scripting in multiplayer is a good idea, I second this.

    In the meantime, you could try using MrStump's Gizmo buddy. It lets you edit position/rotation/scale of objects and also spits out a GUID

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    Additional rights for Promoted players or second Promotion

    I codevelop a game with an other guy. We use TTS as a testing ground for that.

    This would be much easier if not just the host would be allowed to add grafics and stuff.

    Could you give promoted player the right to do so? If not make a "developer" promotion, with pratically host rights?

    I hope this still counts as one suggestion


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    I second that. It would also be really cool to have a place to ask for help in contributions for mod-making. I'm guessing there's a place on this forum, but some integration into the game could be cool

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