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Thread: Advanced Color Selection (revised)

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    Lightbulb Advanced Color Selection (revised)

    OK, so I'd like to stress on one of the main suggestions from my previous thread, since simply editing it won't revive it back to the top here.

    Make the Colors independent from the seats at the table. So when a player enters a server:
    1. Show the player the available colors, and ask them to pick the color they want,
    2. Then show the available seats at the table, and have them choose one.
    Once they've chosen a color, and a seat, then they go to that seat as their chosen color.

    For the sake of explanation, pretend this is the family table, or a friendly gathering table, and we're about to play Clue:

    You tell your family or friends, "Each seat has a person by it, and if you sit there, you have to be that person." How do you think they might react? Some might be accepting, however most likely you'd get "I'd like to sit here, but I don't want to be this person/color." In real life, this is easily rectified, however here in Tabletop Simulator, that's the way it is and has to be. "If you sit here you have to be this color."

    Quite frankly, I don't like it, and I don't think my family or friends would like it either, if I did this IRL at my table.

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    I do agree with this. Forcing colors to be in certain places would still be nice but having the option not to is better. You should determine "seats" by placing hand zones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unreal_Ed View Post
    You should determine "seats" by placing hand zones
    That is actually what happens - if a hand zone is not present then there is no spot there to sit at. But at the same time, a Hand Zone has to be a specific color so that when you sit there, you are the color that the Hand Zone is. The Hand Zone can't be there and not also represent a color. At least as of now it can't, anyways. Hopefully that may change.

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    Yea, I knew that sorry. I meant "You should STILL determine seats by placing hand zones

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