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Thread: Searching inside folders

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    Lightbulb Searching inside folders

    It's nice that you can organize items in folders, but now you kind of have to make a choice between having an organized library or an easy-to-search one.
    To solve this problem, the search should show results that also include items inside folders. It should be an option, like a checkmark with an icon and a tooltip next to the searchbar.

    Now, whether that option should show results across only sub-folders from where you are currently vs showing results of ALL folders is up for debate. I personally think that it should only show results for the current folder and all sub-folders.

    Also, if this is implemented then adding a line saying "321 results across 5 folders" would probably be useful

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    I was just coming to the forum to suggest subfolders for games, unaware that that's apparently already an option. However, if the Search feature doesn't search inside subfolders... gosh, that's unexpected! Seems like a simple oversight.

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