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Thread: Cant play due to proxy servers

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    Cant play due to proxy servers

    Windows 10, latest steam version atm. Russia.

    Cant play with my friends bc we cant connect directly to each other - connection fails. This problem solves with connection through auto-proxy servers. But there apperas another problem - immense delays, ping 1000ms, etc. Didnt find any info by googling my problem.

    Hope I can solve my problem here.

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    To connect directly make sure the host has port forwarded to 11155.

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    I've heard of some Russian IPs blocking traffic on port 11155. Worth a shot, but that may be a root cause.

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    Well, I guess its just stupid developers who cant create decent multiplayer. Nvm my problem then, I made a refund in steam.

    Shame on you, its 2017 and lots of multyplayer games to take as example. And you have such awful multyplayer performance.

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    Works fine for many. Sorry you ISP blocks traffic.

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