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Have you ever wanted to fully experience a game of Warhammer 40k, without actually investing $40k?

Well, good news everyone! Now you can!

Introducing the TTSWarhammer 40k Reddit, a community dedicated to playing and making Warhammer 40k possible for everyone. Here you will find resources Armies, Guides, and other Wargamers who are just as enthusiastic about not playing Eldar just as much as you!

Don't know what Warhammer 40k is? No problem! You'll make an excellent soldier for the imperium!

Not biased

Warhammer 40k is a tactical tabletop game. It was created by gamesworkshop in 1987. Players build armies using a point system based on the many, and extremely colorful factions in the Warhammer 40k. Then players field their armies on the battlefield, where they can win by doing objectives, or outright slaughtering the opposing army. This makes for a very fluid and fun tabletop war games, and was very much a big influence to a lot of popular war games of the past. If you ever played HeroClix, Mageknight, Mechwarrior Dark Age, it's a very similar experience. Additionally, there is a huge and expanding collection of factions and sub factions, all dripping with story rich detail. As a player, you can very much find a army of beliefs or values that you treasure, making finding a favorite army a pretty fun process. There are tons of narratives, game modes and configurations, campaigns and evolving army mechanics for a ton of replayability. It's definitely a game that should be experienced once!

Definitely not biased

In Warhammer 40k, you play as one of many selections of Smurfmarines and go on military campaigns that will influence absolutely nothing in the name of the Imperium! If you don't know what the Imperium is, well, it's basically the best empire that was ever created and ever will be! And if you think it's anything else, you're a filthy Heretic/Xenos, please go to the nearest Inquisitor for some repentance/dissection.

Anyone who doesn't play Space Marines.

In Warhammer40k, Laugh in joy as you shrug off hundreds of dice with your superior Toughness and armor saves, and then cry in despair when Eldar wreck your face with Strength 8 AP 2 pansy glow stick guns and completely shatter the illusion of a balanced game with pie plate d-weapons...

A squad of eldar infantry using their pistols.

Employ the full might of the BIG E, and send out hundreds of fully expendable, barely armored flashlight shooters, as wave after wave your army is burned/eaten/raped alive to secure extremely questionable tactical objectives that will make absolutely no difference at all to anyone! Secure that Ant hill!? Imperial Guard can make it happen. Take out that card board box!? Imperial Guard can make it happen. Find that mysterious objective that you'll never find on your side of the board!? You tell em when, they'll tell you how many bodies they're going to need.
Still not hyped enough? How about Space Marines. And these aren't just any Space Marines. These are Space Marines.. Inside Space Marines.
So enroll now, the imperium needs you!


There's a war out there, so grab a Bolter and get ready to kick some Heretic/Xenos butt!

And remember, A post a day keeps the inquisition away! So be active! Everyone know's inactivity leads to hate, and hate leads to Heresy! No one likes a Heretic, unless you have daddy issues and worship Slaanesh..

Purging lurker heretics.

If this all sounds good to you, you should come join us, we embrace every new member like family!

New players are extremely welcomed!

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