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Thread: [REQUEST] LEAP MOTION support please !

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    Lightbulb [REQUEST] LEAP MOTION support please !

    hello !!

    can we hope the addition of the Leap motion support ? it should be a GREAT addition for Tabletop simulator and very USEFUL, especially using VR headset ! because it's of course a lot more comfortable to use our hands than controlers to take objects.

    thank you !

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    no news ?

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    no news ?

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    No more Bumps Either

    Its in the suggestion box now so unless you've some new information to add then no more nudging this one to the top of the list without good reason.

    But speaking personally as someone who owns a Leap Motion, I honestly didn't Think it was that good

    The potential might be there but it still fails just often enough to spoil its value as an interface, its like using a mouse button that misses every 20th click or a touchscreen that canít always find my finger.

    just frustrating enough to make me give up on the thing

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    i'm sorry about your frustration but thank you for your answer.

    The Leap motion needs to be very precise using our hands. it's interesting because it's not so expensive.

    There are also some promising, a lot better & future systems i invite you to take a look :

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    and the last one :

    what do you think about these 3 systems ?

    I like Tabletop simulator using htc vive, but controleurs aren't always very "light" to move items. To use our hands will be a great addition. i hope one of these solutions (if not Leap motion) could be compatible in the future when it will be released. (prototypes atm)

    thank you

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    More than integration with these accessories that no one will buy, we need better VR support. The controllers work well enough that they should feel like using our hands to pick things up. It works in a lot of VR games, and it can work in TTS too

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