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Thread: Cant Load Server List/Join any Friends

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    Question Cant Load Server List/Join any Friends

    Things I already tried:
    -verifying integrity
    -reinstalling the game
    -reinstalling c++ package 2010/2012
    -turning off firewall/anti virus

    Using Windows 10. Do you have any further advise?

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    Please check your router as it could have its own firewall that is blocking. So you'll need to login and add an exception for TTS.

    Have you tried hosting and seeing if your friends can join you?

    Usually this type of issue is based off of firewalls/anti-viruses/routers, so you may need to do some digging to find where it's being blocked.

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    Im having the same issue.

    I have even set the computer as a DMZ and still no servers show in the list.
    Hosting is fine and my server can be found by others

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