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Thread: Scaling models in asset bundles, causing a failed to load

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    Question Scaling models in asset bundles, causing a failed to load


    I'm new to the community, I just got some assets from the unity asset store, and am trying to load them into TTS.
    Assets attempting to import:!/content/22258

    I have a 2 questions.
    Question 1:
    What is the desired size of asset bundles?
    The ones i'm loading are coming in around 550kb to 1500kb?

    Question 2:
    Why does the assetbundle fail to import, if I scale the prefab down 50%?
    In an attempt to lower the size of the assetbundle. I tried scaling the prefab down 50%.
    When I do this the assetbundle size doesn't change, and I get the unable to import message.

    Let me know your thoughts on desired sizes, and if you think you might know why the scaling is messing up.

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    There is no "right" size, but 550ish kb doesn't seem too bad for a custom model.

    As for why scaling is messing up the ability to upload, I dunno. But I doubt rescaling an assetbundle would effect filesize. It still has the same number of faces, the texture is still the same resolution, etc.

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    Thanks for the help, you were correct in it not, changing the file size.

    The upload had to do with a caching issue, or a version still existing in the game. If I made a new room, it would fix the issue.

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