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    Forum Engagement

    Hey gang,

    I'm new on these forums and TTS but just wanted to make a suggestion for the forums with an eye to increase user activity.

    I love popping into similar forums for other games, seeing new posts or comments, "liking" and commenting where appropriate, and generally building community on the site. Here I notice the like buttons don't exist on all threads, are a little cumbersome where they do exist, and general community banter (and topic views) is relatively down.

    I wonder if it might be worth putting an easy "like" button available on all content, having a regular developer update/news (monthly? Weekly?) to stimulate discussion, and maybe thinking about a more recognizable branding (afaik TTS is the main gig right? Why the bloody company logo and complex/busy TTS logo? Why not a more distinguished theme to the forum design?).

    I know BG is a small outfit but you have a killer product, and I feel like my circles have done me a disservice by not exposing me to TTS sooner. It's a complex product but I think it can and should reach out to just about anyone interested in "games" in the broadest sense. If anything can be done to galvanize the fanbase and reach the uninitiated, I'm sure the community would support it 100%!

    Just my 2 cents, thanks for reading and best of luck with the continued success of this super cool "meta" game!

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    Most welcome

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    Are new users even able to register? I have an account matching my steam waiting on registration for like 1 hour now... it's not like you need to seal the envelope and send it via carrier pidgeon... what gives?

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    no idea about the registration, but the forum has died down a lot recently. I still check a few times a day and there are a few other regular posters. I would also like to think the devs are lurking, but you rarely see them post.
    My Boardgame uTube chan - Tragic's Table Top
    BGG Guild of BoardGame uTubers - Tube Tables

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