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Thread: TTS Workshop mods and Religion

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    TTS Workshop mods and Religion

    I had posted this in the Steam forum already, but since nobody answered there I will try again here. Hope this is the correct subforum for it.

    I wanted to create a 3D model of RNGesus for this game for some time, and finally I have done it. He pretty much looks like this:

    However, I know that some people might get offended by a Jesus being misused for something like that. But I really don't want to offend anyone. Therefore, to show my good will I also made a Jesus model in the Rio de Janeiro pose:
    And one in the pose that Jesus usually has on paintings. Like this:

    But I'm still unsure if I should publish it. What do others think about this? I'd like to have some developer opinions too if possible. Thanks.

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    Upload whatever you want, don't worry about what others think. Maybe it would be worse to make a model of Muhammad though this seems alright and meme-y.

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    You can upload anything original that you like. Just be aware that offended people may say mean things to you.

    That's about the full extent of the consequences I can imagine. Its up to you to gauge you level of giving-a-shit if some people don't like a thing.

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