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Thread: Zone Transparency

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    Lightbulb Zone Transparency

    I've noticed that the current zones are a bit obstructive when looking into them.

    I would like to suggest that you allow a custom opacity for zones by setting a value for the zone from 0 to 1. This is not the same as disabling see-through for other players, this is the client-side opacity when looking into your own zone.

    You could use a slider in the cogwheel settings of the zone; if you add proper Hidden Zone support within scripting it might be worth adding scripted opacity too.
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    With the new Gizmo ability to resize zones, you could enlarge the zone so it encompasses your camera at your usual distance in that game. That way it won't obstruct your view.

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    You could resize zones before the Gizmo tool. This mod was made before the gizmo changes.
    If I did that there would be no space for anything else on the table. How else can we throw nuke models at each other?

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    As a suggestion, I think being able to effect the alpha of hidden zones would be very useful. They can be very opaque sometimes. Just only allowing us to go down to about 0.1 (or a way to locate if we accidentally set one to 0.0 and can't see it to select it again)

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    +1. I know this old but it's still a wanted feature...

    Even allowing us to go down to 0.0 but putting a colored box wire frame around the hidden area would at least allow for us to find the box easily.

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