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Thread: Misuse of server enquiry

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    Angry Misuse of server enquiry

    So I got banned from a blackjack server, even though I was playing by the rules.

    I told them that there was an overall power up going on, which was the flip a card from your starter cards. So I was trying to help people win but the host decided no, that I got to go and thus I got banned.

    Previously, host (green) said he wanted a spot for his friend so asked who wants to leave. Nobody wanted to so he just kicked purple and his friend came in immediately. After I got banned, my friend (orange) was still in game. According to him, purple stole his money while he alt-tabbed, and then stole brown's money while he was afk because purple said he was an asshole. After brown came back and asked where his money went, my friend stated that purple stole his money while purple tried to fake ignorance. Immediately after that, green kicked brown from the game.

    I feel that it's a misuse of a host's power so I'm just wondering is there any way to combat against this kind of behavior?

    I did not take a screenshot, but I know the host's name.

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    Please don't take this as disrespectful, as I do not mean it that way, but you have literally no say over how somebody hosts a game. I understand you do not like it and felt it was unfair, and it may have been objectively unfair.

    But as a host, this is a person who is just setting up a game to play with others. If they choose to be a petty tyrant, kicking and banning people for fun, then that is how they chose to host. You, as a player, are able to host your OWN server or join any other, but this person chose not to play with you. They haven't misused anything.

    Use that name and avoid playing with a person you do not like. But just like in real life, just because you dislike the way somebody runs a game doesn't mean you are allowed to ruin their (possibly petty) fun.. You just play with somebody else. If they are really that bad of a person, then nobody else will want to play with them either.

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    I agree with MrStump, there's nothing you can do. I'm not sure how old you are but whining to the forums isn't going to accomplish anything. There's no rules against the behaviour of a host in their own server (as long as they're not breaking any laws).
    If they're the host of the server then it's ultimately their decision. There's nothing you can do to 'combat against this kind of behavior' except that if you don't like how they run their server then don't play with them - it's as simple as that.

    Feel free to host your own Blackjack server though, or join someone else hosting the same game.

    P.S. You should be posting this thread in General Discussions, this forum is for Forum & Website Help.

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    Right I think this has been covered enough so I'm locking this thread.

    As has been mentioned the Hosts have complete autonomy over the rooms they host up to and including being an Arse about it best thing to do is move on and find groups more to your liking.

    If you feel they are engaging in some form of harassment that warrants further action consider filing a Report with steam.

    Details of how to do so can be found here.

    Lucky seven

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