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Thread: Mod Threading Issues

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    Exclamation Mod Threading Issues

    Since the 64-bit update, I've started always getting an error upon launching Tabletop ( ), and that of course makes my Mod Threading turned off. Due to this, my Tabletop crashes very commonly when loading even partially large mods. I've re-installed the C++ in question, and still am having the same issue. Maybe could someone provide a link to the proper C++, as maybe I downloaded the wrong thing?

    Update: Seems that I can manually turn mod threading on, and it will stay on until I go back to the main menu.

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    verify steam files/reinstalled yet? is the link youll need for the redist.

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    I'll take a look and let you know my results.

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    Tried both as well as totally re-installing tabletop. No luck.

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