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Thread: Builders guild on steam?

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    Builders guild on steam?

    Just curious, but is there any sort of makers guild group on steam? If not, does anyone think such a thing would be useful? A group for mod makers and game makers to make use of each other's skills and such?

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    I'd join!
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    There is none that I am aware of. If you choose to start a discord, I'm sure you'd get some joiners.

    If you do, I would suggest you post it in a bunch of places like relevant forum sections, steam discussion board, TTS's subreddit, etc in order to attract a base-group. Once you have a base group, people should help refer others to it. For my part, I'd add a link to it in my scripting guides in the workshop and maybe some other people with guides would do the same

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    Time to get some marketing material together, then.

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    I'm game. I'd love to connect with more creators. I'm better at the 2D thing, so expanding my connections for things like 3D and scripting sounds awesome. ^_^
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    For the record, my specialty is Hard surface 3D models and PHP programming. (Why is PHP relevant? Imagine a website that let's you generate images based on user input parameters for use in game... I have ideas, check out kdyards.Com)

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    We could all be Builder Guilders

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