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Thread: Finding broken objects

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    Finding broken objects

    So as time passes and links expire, workshop objects start falling apart and custom objects giving errors. With a simple card game finding the things that are broken is usually not that hard, but in complex RPG maps with a lot of objects, this starts to get very hard if one little object has a broken texture.

    A good example would be my Large City Map:

    Unlike entirely broken models that get removed when the custom object window is closed, models with only a broken texture stay there and keep reporting every time the mod is reloaded which includes pressing the rewind button.

    I therefore suggest to add a method to help locating these broken objects better, for example a button to center view on the broken object or making it flash in funky colors.

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    When the custom window is open it should highlight the target object.

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    Can I just say how awesome this city looks? Nice job!

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    Knil, yes it does. But in such a large map, making out a very small object with a green outline is very hard.

    And thank you Kimiko!

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    And pretty often you get comments on your mods saying that certain images won't load or something. The problem is that that image is stored on your computer, so it doesn't have any problems on your end. Having a systemic way to test if all the links work. Basically adding a "Diagnose links" button somewhere that just checks or redownloads every image/models would be great.

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