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Thread: Finding broken objects

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    Finding broken objects

    So as time passes and links expire, workshop objects start falling apart and custom objects giving errors. With a simple card game finding the things that are broken is usually not that hard, but in complex RPG maps with a lot of objects, this starts to get very hard if one little object has a broken texture.

    A good example would be my Large City Map:

    Unlike entirely broken models that get removed when the custom object window is closed, models with only a broken texture stay there and keep reporting every time the mod is reloaded which includes pressing the rewind button.

    I therefore suggest to add a method to help locating these broken objects better, for example a button to center view on the broken object or making it flash in funky colors.

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    When the custom window is open it should highlight the target object.

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    Can I just say how awesome this city looks? Nice job!

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    Knil, yes it does. But in such a large map, making out a very small object with a green outline is very hard.

    And thank you Kimiko!

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