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Thread: Deck Manipulation 3 (Grouping Cards)

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    Deck Manipulation 3 (Grouping Cards)

    This is a series of annoyances I found while using TTS. I am copying from my post at Steam:

    When I'm dragging a bunch of cards, shortcut 'G' groups them in a deck, but then releases the deck, which makes little sense to me. I would like to have more control of where I would drop a bunch of anything I'm dragging around. If I keep the mouse pressed, it means I'm not finished dragging.

    And if I shake the cards I'm dragging, they are grouped, shuffled and not dropped.

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    I'm seeing the complaint but not the solution. What do you wish it were doing instead?

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    It's the transition from individual cards to a Deck "Object" that's causing this one effectively the cards are all deleted and a new "Deck" object is spawned, with this new object missing the "Picked up " trigger to connect it to your pointer as the mouse button is currently still being held. If you try that again with even a two card deck mixed in with your loose group you'll see the created deck remains attached to your hand even after you hit "G"

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    G should not drop the deck. It should maintain the "picked up" trigger, as Lucky seven wrote.

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