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Thread: Deck Manipulation 4 (Deck Spreading)

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    Deck Manipulation 4 (Deck Spreading)

    This is a series of annoyances I found while using TTS. I am copying from my post at Steam:

    There is no way to spread a deck. I usually need to spread cards, the only way I could to that is to move them individually. I never get an even spread in any direction.

    Actually, that would make be very pretty effect, if I could mark where the bottom card should be dropped, moving the mouse as I see the cards getting evenly distanced and then dropping the whole deck this way.

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    So this can be done with this useful mod !

    You might want to edit it to make the effect exactly like i think you want it. Specifically, changing the spacing between the cards. If you don't know how/don't want to change it, just ask the mod creator, he already accommodated my demands for it

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