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Thread: is there a way to pick up something and kinda nt pick up anything ON it?

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    is there a way to pick up something and kinda nt pick up anything ON it?

    Many games I have played, often have you place things on the table and place stuff on top of them.. especially some wargame / euro hybrids. Is there anyway to pick up say a card, off the table but have all the objects on top of the card just stay where they are? Maybe with a hotkey?

    I'm playing a game and place a card on the table, as the turn continues I move objects around.. end of turn I want to pick up the card but leave all the objects on the other table?

    Also as an extension, is there a way to do this the other way around? As in drop a card on thetable but have it just magically go UNDER everything.
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    Objects have a toggle for "sticky". Uncheck it an when you pick that object up, other objects on top of it will not be picked up.

    There is a keyboard shortcut for putting things under other objects, too. I want to say U?

    I hope these 2 items help, they're the best methods I know of to get what you want.

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