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Thread: How would you do a "Block Wargame" in TTS?

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    How would you do a "Block Wargame" in TTS?

    Tabletop Simulator seams to have a limitation I have run into.. but maybe you guys know a way around it?

    Basically there is a kind of Wargame, called "Block Wargames" that is extremely easy to cheat in. I know that playing with cheats is something you try not to do, but the way you find random players means that you re likly to run into them.

    A Block Wargame, and may games now I think of it, use hidden information that is revealed to one player, but hidden to another. Just like how cards work. The difference is that the in these games you can not use cards and must use custom objects or custom meshes.

    Example of a Block Wargame - The Excellent : Guns of Gettysburg @BGG

    So the way block wargames work, is that you have these blocks that sit on the table, one side is blank and then other side has information on the units that block represents. When you move into conflict you reveal the blocks to the other player. The idea is that you sit on each side of the table and you can see all your blocks, but your opponent can not. A kind of "fog of war" effect in a way. Most block wargames are completely built around this mechanism.

    The Problem

    The problem in TTS is that each player can swing the camera around the table to any angle and see the opponents blocks with out the other player ever noticing. So they can peak at the blocks if they want to and as this is basically the crux of the entire game design it ruins the game.


    At the moment I am finishing my mod as is.. but if anyone has any ideas on how I can make this better then please let me know!

    • Is there a way to make different textures show, depending on what player is looking at the object (through scripting) for example?
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    So I was talking to stump and given me what could be a working solution...

    Basically I have two maps... and then each map is under a "hidden-zone"... So in my hidden zones the objects of my opponent have no textures, and mine have textures.. and visa versa.. then as I move my objects, it moves the copy in their zone.

    This code was provided by stump and it seams to wok... but there are a few questions....

    1) Are GUIDS constant in bags? Like if I put a bunch of objects in a bag, will they ALWAYS have the same GUID? I have made a bunch of scripts that take items from bags based on order (as in take the 1st item in the "bag stack" so to speak. BUT can I pick objects form a bag based on their GUID for the GUID is constant?

    2) When you change states of an object dose the "onload()" stuff automatically go off.. like is changing the state the same as "loading" it?
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    1) Depends. Usually, they are consistent. But say you put objects into a bag and copy/paste the bag. Now both bags have the same GUIDs in them. If you pull out one object with a GUID and then pull out one that matches, it is forced to change it. Besides duplicates, I am fairly sure that GUIDs are pretty reliable in bags. Even if they weren't, you could set up a script that does a GUID check using onObjectLeaveContainer to compare its GUID when it leaves to when you pulled it.

    2) Yes, if you have 2 objects with an onload() function, each time you switch states its onload function will run.

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    Nice solution.

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    it is actually Stumps idea.. but it is working pretty well. The m od should be done soon.. I'm curious to see how it works in a real world game.

    The main problem is that the physics engine can over ride the mirrored object... like in theory they should be identical in position... but the physics engine is not that accurate.. so I may place a block in a stack, but the mirror object may fall off the stack. This will break the "math" and now it will be out of position for further moments.

    I wonder if you can exclude individual object from all collision and physics.... and have everything controlled by the main object. Even if it is not held and just sitting at rest. I think I may be able to use the "at rest" flag.. maybe.. So it dose the movement with smoothmove but when it is at rest it locks the other object and snaps it to the new position?
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