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Thread: Cannot Access Multiplayer

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    Cannot Access Multiplayer

    So I downloaded this game to play with friends. Unfortunately, the only way it won't crash is if I use the -nosteam option. This option disables the multiplayer feature and does not allow me to access the workshop. Is there a way for me to play this game online without crashing?

    I have Microsoft 10

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    There are a couple things you can try in order:

    1. Go into programs and features and uninstall both Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package x86 & x64.
    Then RE-install this: (both the x86 and x64 versions)

    2. Turn off MSI Afterburner and/or Riva Tuner if installed.
    Ensure all your drivers are up to date

    4. Your firewall/anti-virus could be completely blocking Tabletop Simulator causing it not to load. Manually exclude Tabletop Simulator.exe from the detection of modified applications list (this could be worded differently depending on your program.

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