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Thread: custom tiles/tokens sinking into the table

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    custom tiles/tokens sinking into the table

    see the image


    This is for my Empire Builder mod, which is in the Steam Workshop.

    Sometimes the custom commodity tokens sink into the table, as shown in the image. If you know where to look, you can point at them and they'll highlight as shown in the image, but if you didn't know they were there they'd be lost. You can drag them out and they'll drop onto the table usually, but sometimes they just sink back into the table when you drop them.

    Have I done something wrong? Is there a fix?

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    I have noted this bug a long time ago here:

    I believe it has been fixed for a few versions but has now manifested again. The behavior also seems to be slightly different, e.g. for the saves I attached the tokens no longer sink, but float with a space when I restack them.

    It appears to only affect items created via "Custom Tile" and not "Custom Token".

    In either case the same workaround I've noted seems to still work... loading the affected game another time seems to solve the problem temporarily.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spheniscine View Post
    I have noted this bug a long time ago here:
    Ah, sorry I missed that, and it looks like I posted in the wrong forum section.

    I noticed in the version 9.3 notes last night that they fixed something to do with custom tile collisions. After updating the game, I reloaded and some tiles were still sunken into the table. I pulled them out and they sank back in. However, if I pulled them out and set them aside one-by-one, then restacked them, they didn't sink in. They also did not stack with the air gap between them.

    I ended up deleting and recreating all of them (over 100 of them) just to be safe, and they seem to be all good for now. Time will tell if it stays fixed.

    Thanks for your reply.

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