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Thread: Update v9.3 New DLC: Abraca...What?, Lighting Menu, & Scripting Improvements!

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    Update v9.3 New DLC: Abraca...What?, Lighting Menu, & Scripting Improvements!

    Our latest DLC is by GARYKIMGAMES and published by Korea Boardgames, Abraca...What? is a family game of deduction and spellcasting. Now available in Tabletop Simulator with a 15% launch discount!

    An exciting new feature that a lot of you have asked for is the ability to adjust the lighting! You no longer have to rely on the 8 different backgrounds for the only light source. You can customize your own and combining that with Assetbundles, you can create some pretty nifty things. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    Thanks to all of your feedback, we made a lot of improvements as well as additions to scripting and we’ve added the much requested hotkeys to scripting (so keybinds had to be reset - sorry!).

    DLC - Abraca...What?
    • Designed by GARYKIMGAMES and published by Korea Boardgames.
    • Now available for $5.99 with a 15% launch discount!
    • Only the host needs to own the DLC for everyone else to play.
    • The dealing of spellstones is automated through the clicking of the relevant spell scroll, as is temporary blindfolding when taking a secret spellstone.
    • The health tokens can also be added/removed by buttons, and will be refilled at the start of every new round.
    • This is a game where you aren’t supposed to see your own pieces. To prevent pieces from getting knocked out of your hidden zones, the host should set the physics to either semi-lock or locked.

    • You can now adjust the lighting by going to Options -> Lighting.
    • You can adjust the intensity of the light shining from above.
    • The color of the light shining from above can be changed with the color picker.
    • Choose between ambient light from the default backgrounds or gradient with 3 colors.
    • Choose how strong you want reflections on shiny objects to be.
    • You can load lighting from a save file by expanding it.
    • You can read all about Lighting in our Knowledge Base:

    Scripting Improvements
    • Doocumentation:
    • Added type Color and Vector to documentation to cleanup all duplicate documentation.
    • Event:
      onScriptingButtonDown(int index, string player_color)
      onScriptingButtonUp(int index, string player_color)
    • Player:
      Transform getHandTransform()
      bool setHandTransform(Transform)
    • Object:
      BoundsTable getBounds()
      BoundsTable getBoundsNormalized()
      Vector(Direction) getTransformForward()
      Vector(Direction) getTransformRight()
      Vector(Direction) getTransformUp()
      Vector positionToLocal(Vector)
      Vector positionToWorld(Vector)
    • Bounds Table:
      Vector center
      Vector size
      Vector offset (transform offset from bounds)
    • New Class Lighting:
      float light_intensity
      Table getLightColor()
      float ambient_intensity
      int ambient_type
      Color getAmbientSkyColor()
      Color getAmbientEquatorColor()
      Color getAmbientGroundColor()
      float reflection_intensity
    • New Class Physics:
      HitTable cast(Table Cast)
      Vector getGravity()
    • Cast Table:
      Vector origin
      Vector direction
      Vector size (Box and Sphere)
      Vector orientation (Only Box)
      float max_distance
      int type (1 Ray, 2 Sphere, 3 Box)
    • Hit Table:
      Vector point
      Vector normal
      float distance
      Object hit_object
    • Fixed:
      Improved erroring when trying to Json.Encode() a table with string and number keys.
      Editing a button not changing its color.

    Cloud Manager Improvements
    • Revamped cloud manager menu to match the rest of the UI.
    • You can now see previews of your cloud images.
    • To see previews of the OBJ files, click the triple dot icon and choose "preview".
    • Clicking on the file will copy the URL to the clipboard.

    Blocked Menu Improvements
    • Updated the block menu to match rest of the UI.
    • Added ability to block people manually with a name and steam id.
    • You can find the Steam ID in Steam by going to View -> Players -> Recent.

    UI Improvements
    • Scrolling the games menu with your middle mouse now properly scrolls on the background/dot icon not just on the buttons.
    • DPI works in non auto scaling mode.
    • Added help and knowledge base articles to missing menus, as well as updating old ones.
    • Fixed miscellaneous blurry parts of the UI.
    • Fixed some click colliders to be more accurate.
    • Fixed some UI glitches on high resolution screens.
    • Fixed jittering when removing blindfold.

    • Moving objects around should feel much more smooth.
    • Chip stack alt zoom will always look down from the top.
    • Saved object will no longer be automatically unlocked when spawned.
    • Grouping cards while holding them will now hold the deck created from that grouping.
    • DLC - Indonesia: Set the point tokens to not be sticky for easier player movement.
    • Fixed table & objects disappearing when using gizmo tool & top down camera.

    • Fixed AssetBundles or obj files in bags having colliders.
    • Fixed Rotation in bags being bugged.
    • Fixed AssetBundles that are loaded in hidden zones not being hidden.
    • Fixed issue with Hand Zone creating card copies when grouping them.
    • Fixed Custom Token collider issues.
    • Fixed issue with clients getting stuck loading when rewinding.

    Stay up to date on development by following us on Twitter and Facebook!

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    I'm not sure if this is intentional or unintentional, but objects locked in the air and then unlocked remain in the air and don't respond to gravity.

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    Any specific objects? I'm not getting that.

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    I'm using a Red Square Block in Single Player. Pick up the object using Left Click and hold it in the air, then press the L key to Lock it. After that, press the L key again while hovering over it to unlock it. The object stays floating.

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    Also, another bug I encountered was that addForce() and addTorque() are no longer working with objects resting on the table. If you lift up the object so it's falling and then add the force or the torque it works fine.

    Code to test:
    function onPlayerTurnStart()
        print("Adding force...")
        self:addForce({0, 30, 0})
        self:addTorque({0, 30, 0})

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    Are you maybe using locked or semi-locked physics?

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    Oh, I was using semi-lock physics. Maybe that's why. Whoops.

    I turned it on in one game and forgot that it was on still. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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    Thank you very much for this big update. Especially the lighting settings are a great addition and I am very happy to see scripting being enhanced.

    You guys are doing a great job!

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    Hotfix 1 now live. Please restart Steam to ensure you have the latest update.
    • Number key actions will no longer work on the numpad like drawing cards, etc.
    • Scripting buttons have been assigned to the matching numpad number key.
    • Hotkeys had to be reset again.
    • Fixed scripting buttons events firing when typing in input fields.

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