Hello there!
I bought Tabletop Sim recently and since I got it I've had this issue where i can't load custom stuff in game.
Some times its the board, but most of the times the problem occurs with the cards, or at least one face of them.
I also get a Error in my chatbox where it says 'WWW Error: Couldn't open file ***file URL/Name*** (http://puu.sh/9RonK/d74200a799.jpg --> screencap of the chat box with the error). This happens on multiplayer with fresh downloads and also on singleplayer when i load custom games from workshop subscriptions.
When i go look for the .jpg in the folder, it is there and i do can see it, so its not corrupted...
I've already deleted all the URL images countless times and subscribed/unsubscribed items in the workshop as well, but none of these were successful.
Could anyone help me..?
I'm really looking forward to playing this game.