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Thread: Allowing modifiers for scripting button shortcuts

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    Allowing modifiers for scripting button shortcuts

    This is a pretty basic one, but it would be great to allow modifier keys to be additionally bound to scripting buttons.

    I'm talking about letting players bind scripting button 1 to Ctrl+D, for example. As I've said in this post, bindings for the scripting buttons are going to be most useful when the key makes sense for the functionality.

    For example, if you have functionality to deal cards, the logical binding for it is D for Deal, but D is already bound to Move Camera Right by default, which a lot of players probably use often. So if you're allowed to bind it to Shift+D or Ctrl+D it would solve that problem and still be pretty natural for players.

    Currently, pressing control when the game asks to bind a key will simply enter LeftControl. So either the code needs to be changed to allow combinations with control, alt, and shift, OR you can add checkboxes to signify that the modifier key has to be pressed. So, when the game asks which key to bind, I'd press D in the previous example, but then I'd check the box labeled Ctrl, making the shortcut for Scripting button 1 Ctrl+D

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    While this could be useful, just assigning the modifier key to one of the scripting bindings lets you programatically handle every possible combination (and ignore hotkeys when modifier is not pressed if you want).

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    True (and a smart idea), but then you'd have to script that for every mod you want to use (or bring an object with said script in every mod), which is far from ideal

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    You can script this in already? We just need mods to be able to recommend a Scripting Button configuration to the user so that this isn't such a hassle every time.

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    I mean, preaching to the choir a bit here, that's my post

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