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Thread: Can you change the display position of broadcastToAll() messages?

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    Can you change the display position of broadcastToAll() messages?

    Finding in quite annoying that when I do a broadcastToAll() message and I have 'Turns' switched on that the message is printed on the top of the 'END TURN' button so is not clearly visible (see attached screenshot).
    Are there any ways to solve this problem using Scripting?
    Possible solutions might be...
    1. Disable Turns, broadcast message, Enable Turns (if so, how?)
    2. Adding \n to the text so it is printed lower (not much joy here as it just made the text smaller???)

    Any help would be much appreciated.
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    I haven't found a way to lower it. You can try changing the color message for now so it's more visible over the END TURN button.

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    Thanks dzikakulka for the advice, much appreciated.

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    Many thanks to the Berserk team for fixing this so swiftly. You are coding super-stars!!!

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