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Thread: Microsoft email users (Hotmail, Live, Outlook, ETC) activation issues

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    Microsoft email users (Hotmail, Live, Outlook, ETC) activation issues

    There seems to be an issue with these emails not getting their activation emails. This seems to be due to microsoft related mail's strict junkmail settings. To ensure emails get through, try the following settings:

    1) Sign in to the Windows Live website.
    2) In the upper-right corner of the page, click Options, and then click More options.
    3) Under Junk e-mail, click Safe and blocked senders.
    4) Click Safe senders.
    5) enter and then click add to list.

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    Even if you do all those things & even add the email address to contacts the activation email specifically won't come through. But as you can't chose to resend the verify email there's no guarantee if you change the email address after reading this to a non-hotmail/outlook/live email address you'll get round this issue. Problem is if you're registering because you have a problem with the game & on Steam it says you have to post your problems on this forum not Steam there's every chance you won't see this until too late & you'll have made the mistake of registering with the wrong email address.

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