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Thread: Play cards from hand hiddenly as option

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    Lightbulb Play cards from hand hiddenly as option

    Sorry for my english, hope you'll understand me.
    In any games players must play cards so that no one should see that card untill specific game phase. But by default player lay out cards from his hand with opened side as it was been in his hand. Yes, player can just flip card in his hand before laying it out on the table, but sometimes players can just forgot to do that and everyone would see that card, and this thing can ruin the game for that player.
    Maybe we can get a little option for the game, where game moderator can choose how players would lay out cards from hand from two options.
    standart (by default) - as currently - with same side as player seen it in his hand.
    always flip on back side - doesn't matter how player seen card in his hand, but always when he pulls out card from his hand, that card flips back side up.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Can you put a hidden zone in front of the hand zone? They could lay their card down there and flip it over if needed and then move it out.

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