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Thread: newbie question: How to make a playmat with snap points?

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    Question newbie question: How to make a playmat with snap points?

    I tried making a custom Tile - that works except that after I put the snap points on it, then move the tile, the snap points stay where they were on the table. They weren't actually attached to the tile they attached to the table underneath. I tried a token but the same thing happened.

    I saw a forum post by Kimiko where she said to go to Custom - Token - Mat.... but my menu doesn't have the Mat option. I think that advice is just out of date.

    I know it's possible because I have a mod with such a playmat, including the snap points that move with the mat. But, I can't figure out how the maker did it! Also, the mat and tiles in that mod are much thinner than I can make. I don't know how they did that either.

    Thanks for your help/advice.

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    You'll need to lock down the object your trying to add the snap points to. To set them on the object and not the table underneath.

    The thickness of your tile will be determined by the thickness setting in the "Custom tile" Custom menu. If the lowest setting is still to thick for you, you'll either need to create a custom model in an outside application like blender. or create you mats from scaled up cards.

    you can also edit the thickness of objects using the Gizmo tool on the table top as another option.

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    If I lock the tile, then place the snap points, then unlock the tile - can I then move it with the snap points? I'll try it - thanks.

    And thanks also for the Gizmo suggestion for thickness. I hadn't thought of that.

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    I created a tile with thickness 0.1, and Scaled it down to size. Now the Gizmo says the scale is 0.37x, 1.00y, 0.37z. When I try to use the Gizmo to change the Y scale, it just snaps back to 1.00.

    Am I doing something wrong?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Locking the tile before placing the snap points works great. Thanks again.

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    Might be the custom tile setting over riding the Gizmo adjustments. . . I tend not to work with the custom tiles/tokens. . . but that seems possible.. . I'll take a look ant let you know

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