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Thread: Forum Image Problem.

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    Forum Image Problem.

    Does anyone else have the issue where if they click on an image in a forum post to expand the picture the picture stays spread across the screen and is unclosable? Had this issue since I've started on the forum, and the solution has always been to refresh the page.

    Not a huge concern, but annoying none the less.

    I am using Chrome on Windows 7.

    EDIT: Nevermind. The solution is the "Esc" key. Was expecting an "X" button, but oh well.

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    Forum Image Problem.

    That happened to me all the time. Good to know there's a solution, never thought to hit esc.

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    Forum Image Problem.

    Yeah I've noticed that too, just never bothered to make a post about it.

    It's even more annoying on the mobile site. Can't seem to close it without refreshing the entire page.

    On top of that to me the mobile color scheme is annoying. I request the desktop page.

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    Forum Image Problem.

    Not sure why it still does that (expands to full screen). I haven't had the issue since I changed it, so I'll have to look into it. There IS an X though if the image box is smaller than your window, but otherwise ESC does work fine, but it IS annoying if most people don't know anything about it.

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