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Thread: Spawning a single card for an updated deck?

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    Spawning a single card for an updated deck?

    With my Mega Man board game mod I have the character cards in a single deck. I copy the character cards multiple times so I can have 8 colored player bags for EACH playable character, and each bag gets a figure of the matching color. I currently have 10 playable characters, so 80 cards are currently out and about.

    I just got an expansion character, so I only need to add 1 card (8 copies). I've updated the deck graphic but I'm now hoping to find some kind of relatively easy way to update the mod without deleting EVERY single card and starting over. I'm open to ideas.

    Would it be possible to edit the save file? The thought I came up with while writing this is make a single card copy of anything, give it a unique name, do a find and replace on the deck image in the save file, then look for the unique card name and tell it to use a different card from the image? (The image is the same size regardless of me adding to it because I've planned for the other 9 characters I need after this one.) I won't have time to investigate this idea until this afternoon though. >.<

    EDIT: This worked exactly as I thought it would! I did a find and replace on the front and back of the cards to the updated file, and then adjusted the CardID of my uniquely named card to show the correct card! This will make the other characters MUCH easier to add! Since I answered my own question, I'd like to leave this topic as reference to anybody it might help. ^_^
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