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Thread: Crash when loading image

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    Crash when loading image

    I'm trying to import a custom board into the game, but every time i click the "import" button it crashes. Same happens if i try to import it as a token. The image is 5291x6945, 325 DPI. Is it too small? Too big? Is the issue something else entirely?

    The board is this one:

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    Hey Duhan000, Welcome to the community

    I'll repeat the message I left you over on the Steam discussion page in case you missed it.

    Image is really too big, keep the size at or below 4096 x 4096 if possible.

    But mostly your issue is its got a CMYK color format. . . drop it into the image editor of your choice and re-export it in an RGB format and you should be fine.

    And a DPI over 150 will be a bit of a waste in the format your working in.

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