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Thread: A Way fo Scritps to manipulate the OFFICIAL TTS turn tracker!

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    A Way fo Scritps to manipulate the OFFICIAL TTS turn tracker!

    The new TTS turn tracker is very cool.. but it would be great to have ways to manipulate it with scripts...

    I am mainly thinking of...

    • Set Turn - A script way to set the turn to any particular player, regardless of how is next in the turn order.

    Example : the turn order is "red, yellow, blue, green" ... it is reds turn. You press and button and it skips directly to blues turn.. and then continues as normal. So Blue gets the "end turn button" on his screen, the star on his name and after clicking "end turn" it moves to green and continues normally as the tool functions now, moving in turn order each time the player his "end turn".

    • End Turn - A way for a script to "end the turn" just as if the player hit end turn.

    Example : I have a scripted button that dose a bunch of stuff, and this action passes the turn. So clicking the button dose it all and then also presses the turn, just as if the player had pressed the "end turn button".

    • Passed - Set a player to instantly pass the turn. If there was a "set turn" option, then you could manually do this.. but maybe an addition to the turn tool, would be a pass option, so it will automatically skip a players turn until "reset". Also have it accessible with scripts.

    Example : I am in a bidding game.. I bid and pass the turn, next time I choose not to bid but other players are still in the bidding phase. So I pass, and now each time it comes to my turn it skips me, until the bidding phase is finished and the turn order is reset (turning off the pass flag on everyone).
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    opps.. ment to be a new thread sorry
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    I had previously made the same suggestion here:


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    +1 Really hoping they add this, the current way I'm doing it gets confused depending on when a player joins the table

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    Hey all,

    I've been searching and searching and it puzzles me why this is not available to Modders. I don't understand why the developer would choose to not make turn passing available via LUA scripts. Was this done intentionally or just overlooked?

    I find that interaction with the turns feature critical for a successfully game setup--the work arounds are bandaids. I mean you have Workshop mods that completely bypass the turn system with their own custom code, because it's the only way anyone has figured out how to make any turn based script interaction work correctly in LUA.

    The turn system should be LUA interactive, not require custom LUA scripts and content to bypass a built in game feature.

    Could a developer inform the community how this can be achieved?

    Could anyone explain how to pass current turn with in a script.

    I've been scouring the API and talking to fellow scripters on Discord and nobody seems to know how to pass a turn in a script.

    I imagine it should be a global function you call that passes the current turn to the next player in turn order. However, I cannot find any reference to it. It's obviously in the game with the Pass Turn button in the UI (top center screen). I cannot think why the developers would not give Modders access to this function.

    Also, setting:
    Turns.turn_color = "Green"
    does not set turn to Green


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