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Thread: Mod Folder for local Cache needs directories... (mine is currently 27000 files +)

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    Mod Folder for local Cache needs directories... (mine is currently 27000 files +)

    My game mod folder is currently 27,000 files+

    that is kinda insane and is probably the cause of crashing and slowdown.. the cache system really needs to split the folder into 1 folder per mod.. even if that means some files are duplicated if used in more than 1 mod.
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    What if someone brings in a piece from mod A into your game which started as mod B - how would you dictate which directory it goes into? I agree, being able to manually clean one's cache would be nice.

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    I am not a programmer but I would think the easiest way would be to just have a directory for each individual mod. So if there are doubles, you actually have doubles on the Hdrive or something. So loading mod "a" loads from mod "a" directory. Maybe have directories like when you savea weboage, you know how you save a web page and it makes a directory at the root of the savewith all the images and stuff in it? So any save files, look to the root of where it was saved and a folder called _modData... so you can have a bunch of saves in any given directory and it ony looks in the mod cache for that directory... I'm not sure, as I said I am not a system designer.. but a cleaner and smaller folders of stuff seems important and maybe worth looking at a solution for, whatever it is.
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    The cache is for speeding up loading times by not having to fetch from the internet each time, not really for mod organization.

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    I understand that... but when you have 30,000 files in a single directly it isn't optimised.. in fact it makes load times much slower and also makes the game crash (it seems... when ever I have crashing or mod problems I delete all those files and it fixes it.. I am pretty confident in saying it is as the directly is so full of files.
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    You could do like other games do with Workshop Items make a folder where its the Workshop ID, as for if the Mod uses a asset from another Mod you could just copy it to the Same Folder. I know people are going to say then you would have a bunch of the same files if you have the other mod.

    But you already do have a bunch of the same files some Mod makers I know have taken the assets and copied them to another source so there mod doesn't become broken or they add to that Asset. You could program a way to find those files locally but that would take time and its really not worth it.

    Also one last thing this would help Mod Authors since they would not have to search through thousands of files to find files there mod may be missing. This is why there are so Many broken mods on the Workshop, most Mod Authors don't know how to fix there own mods when a sites url goes down for a Asset they used.

    Anyone who uses Windows knows its not a good Idea to have to Many files in one Folder, this can cause problems with Windows and slow down stuff when Accessing that folder. That is the reason most software programmers use folders besides keeping there main folder clean.

    As for the cache problem it would be faster if it only had to search a smaller Directory then one with thousands of files in it.
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    Cache's are meant to be deleted.

    Just delete your entire cache folder every once in a while to clean things up and get rid of stuff you don't need anymore.

    That's called regular user maintenance.

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    Yeah I get that but some people have limited internet Bandwidth and that's most likely one of the reasons there using the Cache. Also the Way Mods break and most authors don't know how to fix there own Mod's, deleting the Cache will brake the mods you have locally.

    I know you can use TTS Mod Backup to save the mods, but that is no good if the Mod is Broke and the Links for those files are dead and can't be fixed.

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    Also, there is no button in game to clear the cache... the vast majority of users wouldn't even think to do that let along bother looking up how to, or know where the files are locally.
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