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Thread: Version number and mod cache

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    Version number and mod cache

    Repeatedly during development you're going to update your image files. Every time I do that I have to go into the cache folder and manually delete the ones I'm updating. Further, during playtesting you need to tell your playtesters to turn off the mod caching option so that they'll have the correct versions of everything (because explaining how to find the cache folder, then the relevant files, and getting them to delete them is way too complicated).

    It would be great if we could set a version value in the global script so that everyone could keep mod caching on, no-one would have to manually delete files; if the version of the game increases then TTS automatically redownloads all the images.
    Even a version timestamp would be fine (so TTS wouldn't have to store what version you were last at, it can just compare the timestamps of the image files to the version timestamp and download any that are older than it).

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    I suppose if they wanted to keep it as simple as possible, let the obj.reload() method actually reload assets and ignore cache OR (preferred) add a parameter like obj.reload(bool redownload). So author can just iterate over everything (or maybe a subset based on what is often changed) and force reload in onLoad.

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    I like this idea... or maybe just add "clear cahce" to the drop down menu in the save / load workshop window along with expand.
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