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Thread: Suggestion: Remember alt-preview zoom levels

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    Exclamation Suggestion: Remember alt-preview zoom levels

    You should REALLY make the alt-previews in VR remember their zoom levels!

    Currently, whenever I want to preview a card it's ALWAYS too big (first off, previews should be half the size they currently are by default)! To be able to see the object you have to extend your arm out completely, which is NOT where my hands are most of the time (they're close to my body)! And that annoyance is compounded by the fact that, while you can make the preview smaller, it NEVER remembers the zoom level for previews (even for the same object).

    I can't understate how annoying that is and how important it is to fix. The alt preview is CRUCIAL to playing mods, especially in VR where the effective resolution's not that high and players don't want to have to lean in all the time instead (that'd be bad for both our backs and potentially our headsets if we headbutt our desks). Please put that in the next patch.

    Also, having the alt-zoom on the grip buttons feels pretty bad and keeps interfering with the resizing.
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